Frequently Asked Questions


Why not donate these to medical and healthcare frontline workers?

Medical and frontline healthcare workers can only receive masks from medical suppliers, as the required PPE (personal protective equipment) has to meet explicit medical industry standards (i.e. N95 and surgical masks). These specific MS365 masks while still providing superior protection and comfort, do not meet the explicit medical standards, and as such are not acceptable for medical use.


Can the MS365 Mask protect me from COVID 19?

Whereas the N95 masks are shown to be the most effective protection against COVID 19, our MS365 Masks have been shown to provide comparable, albeit lesser protection than the medical grade N95 masks (all of which are being exclusively reserved for medical and frontline workers). The MS365 is shown to effectively protect against many airborne pollutants such as allergens, particulates and even many viruses and bacteria as small as 0.02-micron particles.

To put it simply, after the N95, the MS365 is as close as you’ll get to maximum protection.

Please note that the MS365 reusable masks are not intended to be a replacement to the medical grade N95 masks, and no claims are being made to that effect.


How is this different from a homemade mask?

Whereas homemade masks offer some protection, none offer the kind of protection and comfort as the MS365 Mask. Out triple-layered cotton SM1000 mask coupled with the 5-layer, PM2.5 Activated Carbon filter provides superior 0.02 micron-level protection - impossible with a simple homemade cotton mask. The MS365 filtration system is fine-tuned to trap pollutants missed by regular homemade masks. 

In short, the SM1000 provides more protection and comfort than a homemade mask.


How long has Morningstar been in operation?

Morningstar is not a new company. With over 8 years in business, thousands of satisfied clients and over half a million dollars in revenue, our company is an established Canadian institution. Check out our “About Section” to learn more about us and how our MS365 Mask came to be.


Where are they from?

Shop Morningstar has a global network of partners (similar to 3M) through which our products are designed, manufactured and distributed.


When will I receive my order?

Our MS365  are ready to ship TODAY! At check out, you can select multiple shipping options, including same-day delivery for locations within the Greater Toronto Area. Outside of the GTA, our shipping policy is between 2-8 business days. 

You will receive a tracking number to let you know when your order is out the door and on its way to you.

P.S. You will also find we have the best shipping rates you will find anywhere!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Our shipping policy is still between 2-8 business days within North America and 5-22 days for the rest of the world. As always you will receive a tracking number to let you know when your order is out the door and on its way to you.

Who is the mask for?

The masks have been designed for anyone in the general populace and non-health care workers, leaving the medical grade masks for those working on the frontline.

Is the MS365 reusable?

Yes. You can wash the mask (minus the filter). We recommend hand-washing and hang drying, although the MS365  is machine washable.

What type of filters can we use?

We highly recommend using our 5-layer PM2.5 Carbon Activated filters as they are proven to be very effective at trapping substances as small as 0.02 micron particles. You can purchase additional filters here.


How long can each filter last?

Filters cannot be cleaned and should be replaced every 48-72 hours of active use. When film or sticky sediment stains emerge, please replace the filter.


Can I share masks?

We HIGHLY advise against sharing masks.


How do I wash the mask?

The MS365  can easily be hand-washed with warm water and regular detergent. We also recommend hang drying as opposed to using a dryer. Be sure to remove the filter before washing. As an extra precaution, we advise washing before your first use.

Can I return the mask?

For health and safety reasons, any mask(s) purchased will be final sale and cannot be returned.

Can I buy the mask(s) in-store?

The MS365 Mask is only available online during the Canadian quarantine.

Can I order in bulk?

Yes. For bulk orders (20+), please contact us: info@morningstarprinting.com


Where Is My Order Confirmation #?

Please note the confirmation order email can sometimes land in your junk/spam inbox. Please check and review!